Hey there, I’m Radu Potop and this is my notebook with scribblings. Here you’ll find things which I’d typically keep written on various sheets of paper piled upon my desk.

I mostly do web dev: front-end, back-end, and a bit of Linux-ing here and there. Basically all that’s needed to have web apps up and running. I believe that we should develop applications that are intuitive, a joy to use, which enable us to spend less time in front of a computer. Every now and then I like to do a bit of electronics, photography, and graphic design.

In the past I have contributed to a couple of volunteer projects: Jucaushii and Revolushii - both being related to games news publishing.
And multiple commercial projects both for Romanian and UK based companies, involving technology stacks such as AngularJS, NodeJS, Python. Oh and a lot of PHP too.

I published “A Fault Tolerant, Peer-To-Peer Replication Network” in 2010 (paper, eng.).
In 2011 I graduated with a M.Sc. in Information Technology from Petru Maior University (thesis, rom.).

Some of the presentations I’ve given can be seen on Slideshare.
In my spare time I like to work on projects which I find fun and challenging. Most of my code is hosted on Github and Bitbucket.

Here’s a video with beautiful Transilvania, România - the place where I was born.


To get in touch drop me a line at radu @ this domain.
I use Google+ and Twitter as a sort of bookmark collection of shareworthy stuff (doesn’t everybody?). Sometimes I post on Instagram too, more intensely after holidays. For work related matters I mainly use the above email address and rarely Linkedin.